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ABOUT CM-Tech International, Inc.

     CM-Tech International, Inc started business in 2016 as Wholesaler & Retailer providing Auto Parts and POS system to local repair shops in Guam, Saipan & CNMI area to contribute to the better quality life. 


■ Auto Parts

     The founder has more than 20 years experience in KIA, Hyundai & Renault-Samsung Motors as an Engine Designer, Development Quality Engineer, Field Quality Engineer, Powertrain Overall Quality Manager and Vehicle Quality Assurance Manager. Especially he has been a FMEA trainer (Failure Mode Effective Analysis) in Renault-Samsung Motors for 4 years and trained more than 200 professional engineers. Based on this background, CM-Tech is highly oriented in engineering minded business to help the customers enjoy the high quality products provided by us. We are  one of the credible parts warehouses of online and offline market stocking the highest quality Genuine and/or OEM parts for your car especially for Hyundai and KIA motors.  We're committed to providing you with the most comprehensive service possible with our parts expertise and stellar customer service.  Customers will be satisfied with our professional integrity, quality products and excellent customer service. Professional mechanics and DIY customers come to us for our cheap and the fastest parts availability with high-quality OE brands, 


     CM-Tech International, Inc is Authorized Dealer of SAM4S POS system in Guam, Saipan & CNMI market. You can experience high quality SAM4S with refined design.

​   As a store automation products manufacturer, SAM4S aims to achieve the best quality products and make the most flexible and reliable

products at all times.  SAM4S have human resources with knowledge of more than 30 years of experience in the store automation field.

SAM4S now produces the most sophisticated and diverse products to the world-wide market. SAM4S's store automation products are extensively used in over 70 countries. SAM4S is committed to developing future models that provide innovation and solutions to meet the demands of fast moving markets.

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